Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I know I said I'd devote November to only NaNoWriMo-related posts, but I did hit a milestone that I couldn't exactly ignore.

I know a lot of blogs get this many hits in a day, if not more, but it means a lot to me that I've hit over 10,000 views. I started this blog on whim, not really knowing where it would go. I know I don't have the graphic design knack that many crafts bloggers have, but I love what I do and, after a lot of *snicker* trial and error, found a layout I love and really got into my rhythm.

So here's to the next 10,000 views! Here's to this impromptu blog continuing to grow. Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog, either oh whim as well or as a seasoned regular. I hope I've inspired at least one or two people to try a craft, create curriculum for their classroom, go out and take pictures, or maybe even write a story or two. And really, that's what having a blog is all about =)

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