Monday, March 3, 2014


This blog has been relatively slower going than I'd like, but that didn't stop me from finally hitting 100,000 views. I can't even pretend: I get a little giddy rush of joy every time someone repins a craft or photo from this site. And while my manic crafting has definitely slowed down a little, I still love this blog and can't wait to share more projects with everyone.

It's been a busy year for me. Yoga teacher training has kicked into high gear, which means I spend every single day with my nose in an anatomy textbook, my nose in a spirituality textbook, or my nose very close to a mat as I slowly decode the elusive yoga sequence. My tai chi class is slowly growing, and I'm slowly figuring out how to brand myself (ah, the joys of freelancing). I also submitted my very first manuscript to Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award. I was getting zero luck hawking it to literary agents -- let alone publishing houses -- so I've decided to go the Patrick Rothfuss route (and practically the route of every new writer out there) and try my hand at a contest. This meant removing said nose from textbooks/mat and placing it squarely on the grindstone as I re-edited my novel from cover to cover multiple times in the span of three months. I didn't realize how exhausting that overhaul would be until I finally submitted my work and was too exhausted to even properly write in my 365 Project.

Although thankfully that project is still underway, and I'm already on the final laps (only 155 posts to go!). It has been super useful in getting my ideas out on paper. I have been using these free-writes as a foundation for a whole slew of essays. I was originally writing for Thought Catalog almost exclusively, but I've decided to venture off and see what other platforms might be interested in my work (with a toe or two still in the Thought Catalog world, especially regarding a major project that I'm crossing my fingers and toes and eyes about, but that's for another day).

So a huge, "thank you" for everyone who comes onto this little corner of the vast internet world. It's not the snazziest blog in the world, but it's my blog, and I'm happy to call it home.

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