Monday, May 6, 2013

Pearl Hair Comb

This is so simple it's stupid. But I ran across the fake pearl strands and the hair comb while scouring JoAnne Fabrics and decided to purchase/make an impulse craft.

For this, I got: a hair comb, a plastic cylinder of miniature fake pearl strands (this was in the $2 bin at JoAnne) and my glue gun.

I first put a dab of hot glue on the backside at the end of the comb and pressed the beginning of the pearl strand into the comb.

I wrapped the strand around the comb, weaving it around once per tooth.

Once I reached the end of the comb, I reverse direction and wove my way back. Only this time, I skipped a tooth with each wrapping. Every once in a while, I'd ignore this pattern in order for the beads to fit nicely together.

Once I hit the end (er, beginning?), I placed another small dab of hot glue and settled the last portion into place. I really secure everything, I wedged the last two beads in between two beads from the beginning of the strand and twisted them together.

The only drawback is that the comb is very long, making the project very elegant. This would be great as a hairpiece for a wedding, or a high-end cocktail party. Or if you just feel like having some pearls in your hair because who cares what others think.

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