Friday, September 27, 2013

Photo Friday: The Auburn Thaw

(not to be confused to the Urban thaw)

I need to take a quick breather from editing my road trip photos. Life has been tossing me every which way as of late (but in a good way). And while I'm loving the adventures that this new path in my life has been carving out for me, it's making it very difficult to sit and go through hundreds of photos, and then edit 10-15 of them. Granted, when it comes to editing, I usually just fix levels (I swear I don't saturate the colors -- the landscape really is that vivid. And the tragedy is that, even then, the pictures do not do what we saw from the road justice), but it still takes a good portion of time.

So here are photos I actually already ciphered through and edited. They just fell through the cracks of my incredibly-cluttered desktop (as my laptop's desktop is my "To Do" pile, essentially).

These are actually from last April, when we thought we'd never see the end of winter. I was driving through Auburn, NH, after a pretty abysmal dentist appointment (an appointment where I learned why you never go to chain dentistries, but that's for another time). I was still on my "Solo Road Trips to Learn About Southern/Central NH" kick, and found myself gravitating toward Auburn more and more. The way the lake looked that cold morning is one of the reasons. And while we ended up not moving to the Auburn area, we lucked out and found a town that had many of Auburn's natural amenities (views of the hills and mountains, lakes, streams, etc) but a few of the major essentials. Like, say, a Dunkin' Donuts. And another Dunkin' Donuts. Because, like a proper Bostonian, it's not enough just to have a Dunkie's in driving distance; I need two Dunkin Donuts located on the same main drag, but two miles apart from each other.

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