Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Decor

I've been looking forward to this ever since we signed our lease last year and decided that it would be the last time we ever rented: decorating. There is only so much you can do in a little apartment. And the decorations feel like clutter if you're not careful. But now we have the open space to do what we please. And that's exactly what I did.

My little farmer's pair is back again, this time on our den's half wall (don't mind the mess in the back; we went essembling our DVD racks at the time).

Which perfectly accents the kitchenette area. A few plastic gorges, a nice fall-themed table runner, some festive flowers...

And these adorable brass napkin rings that I bought at the local antique shop.

We needed something on top of the mat outside on the porch, something where we could take off our shoes, or wipe off any remaining dirt. I had also purchased a proper kitchen mat, making the one I got from Target last year somewhat obsolete. The result? A little bit of fall right where we pop off our boots.

I finally have a kitchen with cabinets that aren't nailed to the ceiling! So, obviously, that meant hanging garlands of leaves over them.

Including an adorable pitcher set that I got at Marshall's. To keep them visible, I placed them on overturned tupperware containers.

And what kitchen isn't complete without some fall-themed towels?

These were 50 cents a piece at Target. What a cute little way to accent the kitchen island. The nice thing is that these little guys take up such little space that I don't have to worry about moving them when using the kitchen island to eat or make food.

Speaking of festive flowers, I placed some fake flowers in my red vase and used it as a bookend in my library.

I accented the coffee table with a nice little table runner, because I have a weird fascination with table runners.

I love decorations in the front the TV. My husband thinks they're distracting. So we compromised, and I only decorated the corners (with a bit of ribbon in between the two).

And this is why I'm not allowed near Michael's. I went to Michael's looking to get canvas, and saw this little guy on sale for $6. He made his home in the front of our house faster than it took for me to bring out the garbage.

I'm not really one for decorating for Halloween, if only because Halloween decorating is very limited in its time frame (whereas you can have fall decorations up from September to November). But Target also had these little guys for a dollar a piece. And who didn't have something like these guys for trick-or-treating? I put a few handfuls of rocks in the jack-o-lanterns to keep them from blowing away and put them on the side of the stairs opposite of my scarecrow.

I can only imagine what decorating ideas I'll have in store for Christmas. But, unlike the department stores, I'm not going to get ahead of myself: first, enjoy autumn! It'll be gone before we know it.

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