Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Super Simple Winter Yarn Wreath

Christmas might be over, but winter is still here. And, from the looks of it, it will be here for a long time. While the Christmas tree is gone and the decorations have long been taken down, I can still enjoy some aspects of the festivities.

All you need for this is a styrofoam circle, pins, yarn, and a bow. I took full advantage of the winter clearance items and grabbed this bow for maybe 75 cents including the sale.

It's as simple (and as tedious) as pinning one end of the yarn onto the back of the styrofoam and wrapping the yarn around the wreath. This is the perfect product to do while watching TV. Lots and lots of TV. I would systematically push a pin into the most recent strand of yarn, just to keep everything in place (and prevent a catastrophic unraveling).

I love ombre yarn. They make the coolest scarfs and, when you wrap it around a styrofoam tube, it gives an awesome multi-tonal accent. I simply stopped wrapping the white yarn at roughly the 5/6th mark, pushed a pin through the end of the white yarn, and started the process all over again with with blue yarn. You can read all about pins and styrofoam wreaths on my other wreath post.

The bow came with two wire strands, which made fastening it to the wreath super easy. I put a few pins into the wire strands (or, technically speaking, I pushed the pins through the fabric weaving around the wire strands) to keep everything in place.

While no one is naïve enough to say that January can be considered a Winter Wonderland (Whiner Wonderland, definitely; we're all sick of the cold by now), it is still nice to have something to make the rest of the season bright.

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