Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Simple, Home-Brewed Iced Coffee

While I could document the major milestones of my life with Dunkin' Donuts's iced coffee (true story: the day of my wedding, my stomach was in so many knots that the only thing I could stomach was Dunkin' iced coffee and an onion bagel), spending $3 on ice coffee is not something I can really justify (especially on a teacher's salary).

So, it was time to make my own, at the Café a la Mi Casa.

There is a reason why a regular small coffee is $1.75 and a regular small iced coffee is $2.50: the brew is twice as strong. This meant that, instead of one scoop per cup, I pour in two scoops (or two tablespoons, but, really, if you brew your own coffee, you might as well invest the $2 in a nice coffee scoop, if your machine didn't come with one).

If one doubles the brew intensity, one must double the sugar intensity. The trick is to stir in the sugar right after the coffee is brewed, so that it'll dissolve quicker. If you're like me and go down Splenda/other fake sugar, this is less important, but it's still nice to have it blend in easier.

The next step is technically, "Let it reach room temperature," but I was actually making this coffee in a rush before meeting with some friends, so I put a heating cork underneath the coffee pot and shoved it into the fridge for 10 minutes instead.

And who says I'm impatient?

You can't throw a stone in a store … without getting kicked out for breaking merchandise. Also, you can't throw a stone in a store without it hitting plastic drinking cups with a lid and straw. This is the perfect accessory to at-home iced coffee brewing. Pack the cup with ice and slowly pour in the coffee, keeping in mind room needed for cream or milk.

I ended up making two sets of coffee. One for me and one for one of my friends.

Or -- or! -- one for me as I drive there, and one for me as I hang out with them.

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