Monday, September 24, 2012

Pinterest Fail #1: Marbeled Nail Polish from a Bowl of Water

Ever wonder if those Pinterest beauty hacks actually work?

In the case of this one, the verdict is a strong hell no.

The idea seems simple enough: in a bowl or cup of water, add nail polish of various colors. Brush the skin on your fingertips so you don't get nail polish on your skin. Dip your fingers slowly into the concoction for a wonderful marbled look.

I did everything I was supposed to: got out my nail polish (which you might remember from my Tetris Nails), I filled a cup (a red Solo cup, no less) with cold water.

I even busted out one of my nice paintbrushes so I could apply the Vaseline like an artist.

The result? I don't even have a picture of the monstrosity, as my hands were coated in a disgusting layer of vaseline and nail polish (I also lacked the foresight to only do one hand at a time). I attempted to wipe the vaseline away, only to find my hands coated with a multi-colored oil slick that didn't wash off.

And my nails? Instead of a marbled look, I ended up with weird, streaky, uneven color combo. Not even remotely passable.

Everything came off with enough hand-washing. When the Vaseline was good and scraped off, I was able to get the nail polish off my skin through repeated scrubbings with nail polish remover. I am definitely not doing that again!


  1. It worked for me, I just put tape around my nail. You have to dip your nail really straight on though.

  2. It worked for me as well. I don't have any photos on my blog but there is one on my instagram @ qu33n_victoria


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