Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Friday: Hang Gliding

So, as I mentioned before, I went hang-gliding on my birthday. It was an absolute blast. I thought I was going to be a lot more nervous about it than I ended up being -- I mean, I had two breakdowns the day I went skydiving -- but I find myself extremely at ease, even when I was suited up to go.

Speaking of, my best friend and I went skydiving as Superman and Batman, so it only seemed right that we did the same for hang-gliding.

For this hang-gliding experience, an ultra light towed us up to about 3500 feet before letting go. This was the only time I was nervous, as the ripples in the air from the ultra light's propeller caused some serious turbulence for the hang-glider.

As you can see, I went tandem, because 1) It takes a lot of time and money to actually be able to fly alone and 2) like hell if I'd trust myself with keep my sorry butt in the air.

The coolest part was that even though we were in the middle of no where (from a Bostonian standpoint, this means anything west of Worcester), I could see Boston as clear as day. It's a lump in this picture, but I could see the Prudential and Hancock and downtown Boston. It honestly felt like I was watching a movie.

We've already decided that next year is white water rafting. As we see it: we've already jumped out of a plane and strapped ourselves to a glorified kite. What's a little river adventure in comparison?

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