Friday, July 19, 2013

Photo Friday: Kansas

It wasn't until midway through Day Three of our roadtrip that I finally pulled out my DSLR to take photos. I was shocked -- genuinely shocked -- that the state of Kansas inspired me to do so. I expected nothing from Kansas, especially along Interstate 70. But the rolling hills took my breath away and, by the time we hit the wind farms, I was compelled to dig through our stuff in the backseat, fish out my camera bag, and attempt to take more than just a passing snapshot.

It's not easy, trying to take pictures at 75 MPH (one thing I loved about the middle of America: interstate speed limits actually make sense! For once, the term "speed limit" mean "an actual limit to how fast you should go" and not "a general recommendation, so long as the cops aren't around."), and with the windows up, no less. But, like Tim Gunn, I did my best to make it work.

You get an appreciation for all that America entails when you drive from one end to the other. And while the wheat and corn fields of Kansas aren't exactly as awe-inspiring as, say, the Sierra Nevada, or the Rocky Mountains, Kansas holds a type of peaceful beauty that isn't easily replicated in other states.

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