Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Try It Tuesday: Travel Binder for Your Souvenirs / Making Use of The Hotel Stationary

I knew way before going on my road trip that I would be making a massive scrapbook of our journeys. I save everything when I travel: from ticket stubs to brochures to free travel magazines. I also knew that I needed a way to keep everything organized. I knew I wouldn't be able to remember where everything went, and eventually all those states would meld into each other if I wasn't careful. Not to mention I tend to get scatterbrained, and there's always a chance that I'll misplace a certain ticket or postcard or sticker.

I fixed all that with a simple binder and paper protectors. Each town got a different page (or multiple pages, if we stayed in that city for more than a day). I marked the city in the upper righthand corner of the protector and filled it with whatever I wanted.

Which would include stationary from the various hotels we stayed at. One of the reasons why I'm so big on taking pictures and making scrapbooks and writing in journals is because I hate the, "Uh, remember when? No, wait, maybe it was at this time…" We stayed at 10 different hotels over the course of two and a half weeks, and this was a great way to keep track.

These notes will also be great as a way to introduce the various areas in my scrapbook. And, in case the sharpie on the plastic protectors rubs away, the notes will let me know what souvenirs belong where until they make their way into my scrapbook.

…Which will get accomplished at some point. Now I just need to make sure I don't misplace the whole binder itself in the moving process!

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