Monday, July 22, 2013

Painted Jars

This was another fun activity I found off of Pinterest…

I have an obsession with glass jars. Maybe I'm part of the hipster movement that believes in mason jars for everything, right down to wedding drinking glasses. So, naturally, I try to incorporate as many of the glasses as possible.

With this project, I only needed the glasses, acrylic paints, and somewhere to rest the jars.

First, fill the inside of the jars with paint. This project will need a lot of paint, so don't be stingy. A solid 3 or 4 tablespoons should suffice.

Then, tip the jar 45 degrees, slowly turning the jar so that the paint spreads evenly.

You can help the paint along with a paintbrush or your finger. Be careful not to leave any streaks, however (or get your fingers super messy).

Once the insides are fully covered in paint, tip them upside fully on something that can hold a lot of paint -- and I mean a lot. I choose an extra large cardboard box. And even then I was running out of room. Move the jars around every few minutes or so to prevent the paint of piling up too much.

You can use the extra paint for your smaller jars. I also decided to get a few amateur paintings done with the extra paint.

I love how these came out. They add a nice little bit of color to my TV stand turning dining room table cabinet. Perfect for spring or summer!

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