Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Friday: The Sticks of New Hampshire

On the topic of not being able to sit around doing nothing, I spent the afternoon after getting my wisdom tooth pulled on a bit of a road trip. My husband and I have been casually looking at houses for our future house hunt, which will (hopefully, God and finances willing) start next March. Given the type of house we want and the towns we've been looking at, we might be fulfilling the stereotype of city people moving out to the country to raise a family. So I decided that, since I had 4 hours before taking my first Vicodin (read: no more driving), I'd go up to a few of the towns we had been considering.

While it might be a shift, going from Boston (home of 600,000+) to Nashua (80,000+) to, say, Auburn (5,000), it's safe to say that I might love it out in the country.

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