Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Post-Wisdom Tooth Vlogging: "Through the Gauze"

This can give you an idea of how little tolerance I have for just sitting around. To backtrack, I lucked out in that I only have one wisdom tooth. The other three? Don't exist; never will exist. This is actually a thing -- many scientists believe that this is part of the next step in human evolution. Upwards of a third of people these days don't even have any wisdom teeth.

Now, if I were truly lucky, I would've been one of the 33%, as this one wisdom tooth was impacted and growing in on the side. The result? An hour in the dentist chair as they chiseled and chipped at my mouth. They only gave me general anesthesia, meaning I was fit to drive immediately after.

The result? A vlog the second I got home and a road trip up to gorgeous little towns like Goffstown and New Boston, NH (more on that later).

While I'm feeling the effects today (no road trips today, let me tell you...), I can, from my very sedentary position, post the vlog from yesterday:

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