Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pinterest Fail #2: Melted Spoon Rose

This should have worked. My friend was able to do it with no problems whatsoever.

Maybe I didn't cut the spoons short enough. Maybe I thought about it too much. Maybe my glue gun is a POS. Who knows.

It started out innocently enough: I had my spoons, my pliers, my hot glue gun, and a candle. Everything I needed to made a melted spoon rose.

I even cut up the spoons like I was supposed to: 2 really short sports, 5 medium length, 10 longer-length.

The fun part was the melting. I'm not even going to lie. I let my pyromaniac side run free during this portion, holding the spoons over the flame until I thought the spoons were softened.

Maybe this is where things went awry. Because instead of just fusing them together, I let the handles actually light on fire, as evidence by the charred portion of the fused spoons.

I did what the website told me and placed them all together. I noticed very quickly that nothing seems to be coming together like it did in the website. Before the glue was completely cooled, I disassembled everything, cut the handles shorter, and tried again.

(read: played with fire again).

Now I felt like I had everything in order, almost identical to the website. What went wrong?

Y'know what? I'm going to blame it on the glitter. I tried to Edward Cullen my rose and, like the actual Edward Cullen, it just looked weird and unappealing. And I wasted a lot of glitter because I thought the glitter had a sprinkle filter.

But, the more I think about it, the less I'm horrified by it. Yes, it looks like what an inept middle schooler would bring home from art class in a bad sitcom, but I love it anyway. It's got a bit of a Little Shop of Horrors feel to it. And, as long as it doesn't start crying out, "Feed me, Seymore!", I think I'm good.

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