Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Try it Tuesday: Ornaments as Gift Tags

I get into a bad habit of taping a small piece of gift wrap onto the gift, writing who the gift is to, and calling that a gift tag. My mom ever-so-subtly let me know that I should be using tags or stickers by…handing me a packet of gift tag stickers and telling me that I should, "use these if I can't afford tags."

This year, I decided to go in the opposite direction and use ornaments as gift tags.

These are honestly everywhere: from Michael's to Five Below to the Christmas Tree Shop. You honestly can't throw a rock in around Christmas time without hitting personalized ornaments.

I have a few people I give gifts to that have rather unique names. The solution? Find ornaments that showcase said person's first initial.

Now, they have a pretty accent on their gift -- and something to put on the tree next year!

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  1. Last year, Martha Stewart's Christmas magazine had a ton of gift wrapping tips. One of which said to decorate gifts with the clear ornament balls filled with metallic tinsel. I've also seen people swirl paint inside the same type of ornaments. Michaels had the clear ornaments when I was there buying last minute wedding stuff - I think I may use them on my future Christmas tree.

    We aren't doing a Christmas tree this year due to wedding madness and leaving for Florida next week, so I have enjoyed seeing all your festiveness!


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