Friday, March 22, 2013

Sprucing Up Shoes

On my most recent trip to DSW, I came across the most comfortable pair of flats. They were cushy, they didn't kill my heels and -- best of all -- the $50 pair of flats was on uber-clearance for $16.

The only problem was that I hated the pom-pom decor on the toes. Everything else was perfect. So, the only logical solution was to buy them anyway and find a way to fix the pom-pom problem.

So I got out my: hot glue gun, ribbon, and small fabric scissors.

I first trimmed off the pom-poms. I didn't know exactly what I was doing yet, but I did know that the pom-pons had to go.

After some trial and error (hehe), I decided on making ribbon bows for my shoes. Not exactly that far off from the pom-poms, but definitely an improvement. To make a ribbon bow, I made a loop from one length of ribbon and superglued it into place.

I then folded another length of ribbon in half, superglued one end to the back, looped it around the first ribbon and, when I felt the ribbon was folding in the proper bow way, superglued the other end to the back. I then superglued the bows onto the toes of the shoes.

The shoes are slightly reminiscent of Snow White. Or, at least, the ribbon in her hair. Either way, a definite upgrade from the pom-pons.

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