Monday, January 9, 2012

Living in New Hampshire

I have always been a Boston girl. I enjoy pointing out that I was actually born in Boston -- and born at a hospital that is not even a mile down the street from where I went to college. And even though my hometown is technically part of the metro-Boston area, I happily moved into the actual city once I started college and, up until last year, happily lived in Boston. However, the extremely high price of rent and the extremely undesirable commute out of Boston for work somewhat forced us to move to Nashua, New Hampshire, where the rent and the commute to work were more reasonable.

At first, we were both nervous. We both considered ourselves city people. Nashua is technically a city, but certainly not like Boston is a city. However, we found that Nashua gave us a bit of both worlds. For example, I went on a walk around our area of town during the Halloween blizzard. Even though I was barely steps away from the main drag, I was able to capture photos that I would not get in Boston without taking the T out to the middle of nowhere.

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