Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What To Do with a Bothersome Hat

While in Florida, I got myself a wide-rimmed hat, since I am Irish girl who grew up in "the North". The closer our kind gets to the equator, the more likely we are to burn like paper, so I needed a solid 10 foot perimeter of shade. However, hats like this are impossible to store. Hat hooks were useless, and there was no place in my closet where it wouldn’t get crushed.

The solution? Turn it into a wall decoration.

All I did was place two plastic thumbtacks on the wall, roughly two inches apart. This will be different for every hat, so don’t worry about having to try and try again before you find the right position.

Simply place the hat on the wall and you are done.

I noticed over the months that the hat has slowly started peeling away from the wall, creating a bit of a permanent fold to the flap -- which has actually worked in my favor, creating that much-needed flap lift in front of my face.

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