Saturday, January 14, 2012

No-Sew T-Shirt Vest

Pinterest is an interesting demon. As I demonstrated before, I find really cool ideas for arts & crafts. On the other hand, I'll also waste hours making "Dream House" boards and boards for cooking that I'm never going to do (since my domestic skills stop at the kitchen).

However, I found this amazing idea, and I just had to try it.

To be fair, there is technically some sewing in this no-sew project, but only because the t-shirt I choose was originally my "test" cloth when I first got my sewing machine.

Using a washable marker, I marked where I was going to cut. Make sure you cut the outside of the lines so you're not left with random black edges.

Right after, I marked the where the second round of cutting would be and trimmed accordingly.

One of my cats, Salem, decided that the vest needed to die before it could be cut up.

Using the cloth from the sleeves/collar, cut 6 6"-inch straps. I thought I would want very thick, durable straps, so I cut my straps primarily out of the sleeve/collar edges.

The website suggests tugging at the fabric so that it curls under. Unfortunately, the t-shirt I was using is incredibly old and I risked ripping it if I pulled the edges too much, so I didn't get the curl I had desired. Oh well -- live and learn (and actually buy a new t-shirt to do the next one).

Tie one knot at each shoulder, and four on the back. And make sure you flip over the vest before tying the back ones, unless you like the knots bumping against your back.

I won't win any stylist-of-the-year awards with it, but I like it. It goes well with a usually-minimal outfit, such as a solid-color shirt and jeans.

I decided to add the belly chain I made to keep the vest in place. What do you think?

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