Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo Friday: Springtime in Boston

After a ridiculous blizzard, New Hampshire got a taste of spring yesterday. I spent my lunch break walking around the neighborhood breathing in the fresh air. Although it was wonderful walking around without a jacket, the smell of the air brought me back to my college days, when I would celebrate nice weather by walking obsessively around Boston (because who needs a social life). I've already been opining for the bubble world of college -- specifically the parts where I would actually have free time to waste on walking around Boston all day -- and this made it a thousand times worse.

So, in that spirit, I present a few photos I snapped during my walks around Boston. These are roughly circa 2008/2009:

Now I swear I did not edit that cloud in any way, shape, or form. It naturally was that phallic. The best part is that I didn't even realize it when I took the picture. The walker gazing at the penis cloud adds a nice touch.

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