Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guinea Pig Treat Bird Feeder

This is Annabelle:

Much like our boys, Annabelle is spoiled rotten. One way we spoil Annabelle is by buying her what I call treats-on-a-stick -- or, to be more precise, treats-as-a-stick. Seeds and nuts and other little treats rolled together in honey.

This past Christmas, Annabelle got very sick and we rushed her to the vet. Thankfully, with antibiotics, Annabelle bounced back with no complications. When the vet asked about her diet, we mentioned said treats. The vet told us that those are about as good for Annabelle as an entire box of Little Debbie's is for a 2-year-old. Along with the antibiotics, the doctor prescribed to us a change in her diet -- specifically, no more treats.

Instead of tossing them in the trash, or tossing them outside to see if some squirrel would like it, I decided to do a quick project with them. This would be good for anyone who has extra guinea pig treats hanging around or anyone who wants to go absolutely crazy with a hot glue gun for about 10 minutes.

For this, I got: said guinea pig treats, ribbon, scissors, and my hot glue gun.

I first glued a loop of ribbon around the long portion of the treat. I did my best to use as little hot glue as possible, as I have no idea if birdies peck at the glue/the glue is toxic for birds. I did Google it to find out, but, interestingly enough, there are no articles on the effects of hot glue on a bird's digestive system.

Thankfully, I have Salem here to make sure no birds will be harmed (until he is able to get at them).

To make the hanging portion, I looped another piece of ribbon under the top portion of the first ribbon and knotted the second ribbon at its ends.

After that, it's up to you what you want to do. Since I have a couple to play with, I just did whatever. I made a bunch of bow ties for one; I made a spiral for another. Use your good judgment and glue when necessary.

Or, do whatever you can while your pets perpetually get in your way.

I waited until the weather finally warmed up a bit before hanging them from our patio. The nice thing about these feeders is that the squirrels can't jump on them like do they our regular feeder. This means that food is 100% for the birds.

And, lo and behold, just a few days (and a freak dusting of snow) later, I caught a gorgeous little finch nibbling away. Color me satisfied.

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