Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Strapless Dress Hangers

Here's a quick activity for those who love their strapless dresses, but hate those God-awful straps sewn into the armpits so you can hang them up.

For these, you need three things: pants hangers from a department store (mind are primarily from Old Navy and Marshall's. You can either ask to keep the hangers the next time you purchase pants, or, if you're more brazen, you can ask to have a couple the next time you're in a department store), adhesive-backed felt, and scissors.

First, take those scissors and cut those stupid hanger straps. Rejoice in never having to tuck them back in as they worm their way out to the surface. Toss them in the trash and give the trash can a few kicks as a precautionary measure.

After you are done rejoicing, cut out a few rectangles in the adhesive felt (I had some leftover after making the tile coasters). Remember that you'll need about 8 rectangles per hanger.

Remove the backing and place one rectangle on the inside of each clasp. Fold the remainder of the felt over the end. Pay attention to the back rectangle: like the hanger pictured above, where the clasp slides into place, the metallic clasp tends to come down lower in the back, so cut your felt accordingly.

Viola. Now your strapless dresses have a better-suited hanger. They're less likely to misshapen from being strung up by two straps, and the felt will keep the ridges of the clasps from digging into more delicate fabrics.

1 comment:

  1. Great idea, those straps are demonic. I'm not sure if puffy glue falls under the hated category of white glue, but I thought this project might interest you


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