Friday, January 25, 2013

Photo Friday: The Tourist of Nottingham

I've been casually going to other towns in the area, partly as solo road trip, and partly as a way to scout out locations for the big house hunting day (I know the towns within the 495 loop like the back of my hand, but I know very little about New Hampshire). It's insane how quickly you leave the Nashua or Manchester area and end up in the sticks. On Veteran's Day, I took a trek out to one of the farther-out towns of Nottingham. And for obvious (hopefully obvious) reasons. And while I don't think Nottingham will be the town we move to (it's a solid hour and a half away from Nashua, for starters), it was fun driving down and enjoying the wonderful sights.

I wonder if the sheriff's office is here ^_^

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