Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Try it Tuesday: Panoramas in Your Hallway

If it's not apparent yet, I have an obsession with decorating my apartment. My friends joke that I'm in the "pre-nesting phase" -- that, before I know it, I'll be getting baby fever (music to my in-laws' ears, let me tell you!). However, with this obsession comes a need for a change.

My micro-hallway originally adorned a few random photographs that I had taken over the years. I was slowly but surely printing out shots and purchasing frames. The goal was to have a 3 frame x 3 frame grid, but I lost steam for this project and gave up after frame #4.

I have an obsession with panoramas, and I've been lucky to get a few panoramas to come out fairly well with my point-n-shoot and smart phone. But I never thought to get them printed out. I always imagined it would be an expensive endeavor -- both to get them printed and to get them framed.

I learned pretty quickly that a printed, framed panorama shot can be as cheap as $25!

I was able to get these 11.75 x 36 poster frames on sale at Michael's. And -- what a coincidence -- panorama shots are routinely printed at 12 x 36!

After some research, I decided to get my panorama prints done at Big Photo Help. Their interface is stuck in 1995, but you can't beat the price! I opted for margins instead of cropping, as I couldn't bare chopping off even a portion of the actual picture. Plus, I was going to have to trim the top and bottom anyway -- why not trim a white or black bar?

The trim itself is super easy to do -- all I needed what a ruler, a pencil, and some scissors. I took roughly .15" off the top and bottom.

The best part about these panoramas is that they help elongate my micro-hallway. Which is needed, because both my husband and I feel like we are outgrowing our apartment at an alarming rate. So anything to make the apartment feel bigger is welcomed!

Also, the panoramas that I chose have such sentimental value, so it's great seeing them on such a regular basis. The top picture is from our anniversary trip to Niagara. The bottom is from atop the Piazza de Michaelangelo in Florence, Italy, on quite easily the best night of my honeymoon (if not my entire life).

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