Wednesday, August 21, 2013

365 Blog Project

I know this blog is currently a place for house updates and photography (if only because my crafts supplies are still packed up and "organizing the crafts corner of the office" is so stupidly low on the priorities list). But there is one place where I'm constantly active: my 365 writing blog project.

The idea is that, if you are forced to write a blog post -- and a decent one, not just a quick rundown of the day -- every single day, you'll find a greater freedom in your writing. And since I'm in the middle of my third manuscript (a manuscript that I just have a good feeling about), I want to kick my mind into gear.

My goal? A blog entry a day for an entire year. No matter what is going on, I need to write something. Every, single, day.

I started it about three or so weeks ago and, so far, so good. I've made it a routine to make a blog post every morning while I have my coffee (even if I have to burst out the door not even minutes later). The beauty of a project like this is that I feel like I can write about anything. Because, hey, if it's a boring topic, there will be a brand new one tomorrow.

So don't hesitate to check it out, and maybe start a 365 blog of your own. I know 365 Projects are primarily for photographers, but writers can get in on the fun, too. Do you have a writing blog? Or any other 365 project? Post it in the comments below. I love seeing what others have been writing about!

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