Friday, August 16, 2013

Photo Friday: Bunker Hill Graduation…Kind of

Let's take a break from Colorado, shall we, and focus on something far more grand: community college graduation.

My little brother graduated from Bunker Hill Community College last June before continuing on at UMass Boston. I might joke about community college (and watch shows that make fun of community college, like, say, Community), but, in this day and age, community college just don't have the stigma that it used to have. When private, four-year institutions are running bills as high as $250,000 for four years, it makes a lot of sense to find more economic alternatives. In fact, this is where I went after graduating from Northeastern, when I needed education classes in order to get certified.

But, back to the photos, I ended up taking more photos of the area around Bunker Hill than the actual ceremony. But hey, what's more interesting: a rusted overpass, or some lady chatting? I thought so.

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