Friday, August 23, 2013

Photo Friday: Estes Park, Part 2

Is there really anything more to say about Estes Park? I'm honestly in love with this area. I think the only drawback to the road trip was that we were given all this beauty, all at once, and at an absurdly quick pace (given that three nights in Colorado was considered a serious stopping/resting point). But it gave us just enough of a taste to know what we want to go back and get more of (like Wyoming, but more on that later), and what we'll be fine never visiting again (like Nebraska. There is honest to God nothing in Nebraska).

The only regret is that our navigator didn't realize we would be going up this high, and therefore did not warn us about bringing layers. We had been to the top of Mt. Monadnock not even a month prior, and the weather at the summit was actually quite nice. Little did we know that we'd be facing tundra that is only also seen in Alaska. So we were braving the elements in t-shirts and shorts. Good thing I've spent enough winters in New England to deal with cold, biting wind!

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