Saturday, August 3, 2013

Guess Who Made it to Thought Catalog?

I submitted this Thursday night believing that, like every other thing that I submit to magazines, agents, and so on, I would get a lovely rejection email -- or complete silence from their end (which is as good as a rejection letter). The website itself warned people that they have a high number of submissions, and that they might take as long as two weeks just to respond to the writers they want to publish (and that they would not be able to respond to those they did not want).

Colored me shocked when I got an email on Friday telling me that my essay was live on their website. I know Thought Catalog is essentially a more poignant Buzzfeed, but I'm thrilled that I finally have a recent publication credit to my name (my last one being in 2008 with a short story in my alma mater's literary arts magazine. If that doesn't get agents excited, I don't know what does).

To be honest, if it got rejected from online magazines like Thought Catalog or Medium, I was more than willing to share it on my blog, because it felt good to finally get what it felt like to quitting the teaching world down on paper.

A writer is only as good as the audience they can attract, so if you are at all interested, please click on the link below. Share it on Facebook. Share it on Twitter. Share it in a spam email. I don't really care. I'm shameless. As any proper creative person secretly (or not so secretly) is.

Thought Catalog -- "Teaching: A Nobile Quit"

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