Monday, August 19, 2013

House Update

I'm happy to say that the Lemon-Lime Sprite Room and the "Room of the Reflective Neon Yellow" are both good and primed.  We are painting these rooms ourselves to save money (especially since we are hemorrhaging money to pay for the exterminator, movers, painters for the first floor, and simultaneous rent/mortgage payments) and I put priming those two rooms at the top of my priorities list.  We probably won't actually paint them until after the professional painters are gone, but it feels good to have those rooms somewhat neutral now.  As I said ad nauseum, the colors were offensively bad.

Which worked out in our favor: I think the house was on the market for as long as it was (and for the price that it was) because people were turned off by the kids' bedrooms.  Especially when you think about all the little things home-sellers are supposed to do to entice buyers (remove all family pictures, paint the interior 50 shades of beige, etc).

The exterminator has already done his work (and God help me of I see another spider or carpenter ant).  The professional painters are already hard at work today painting (and will continue until Wednesday).  And the movers will come for our furniture on the 30th (because heaven knows we cannot move things like our sectional on our own).

Hopefully the (whatever meager) DIY posts I have scheduled will keep this blog going, even as I continue to run around like a chicken with her head cut off.  More updates (including general life updates) to be coming soon!

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