Saturday, August 31, 2013

House Update: Finally!

It is hard to believe it, but we finally moved into the house.

A lot of things were intentionally delayed: we had a later closing date because we were going road tripping.  We didn't move in for practically two months so we could do our micro-renovations.  We dealt with rental people with draconian lease policies, mortgage people who delighted in making us jump through hoops (only to change their mind halfway throufh each jump), painters who truly screwed us over (while the finished product is gorgeous, it took 2 full weeks instead of 3 days, with the polyurethane scrapped off in a few spots on our hardwood floors.  The level of headache-inducing BS is enough to keep Bayer in business), and movers whose estimate lady screwed them over, bringing out two guys for a three man job (we bought the guys pizza and gatorade after because they showed some Herculean strength).

But it's all okay.  Every misstep was worth it.  Because now we are home.

We are currently without internet, and probably will be for the next few days.  I'll hopefully be posting some lovely before-and-after shoots of the interior, since a little color change goes a long way.

It really is hard to believe it.  I'm over the moon that all the pre-move prep work is done, but the job is definitely far from over.  We have only two weeks to get everything settled before we have our housewarming party.  Ideally we would get more time, but a temporary change in my husband's work schedule and the declining summer air is forcing our hand a bit, especially if we want to have a barbecue and use our fire pit.

But hey, I have done more with less time.  Challenge accepted!

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